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Taking a Break with Hojicha Latte

Staff - Haruna |

It was busy afternoon…
Matcha Latte Media staff Ian and Mariko looked a little tired…
so I prepared hojicha (or houjicha) latte for a quick break.


Houji latte
Bring water (200-300ml) to a boil with a pan, then add Houjicha (about 4-5 tbsp), brew for a few minutes.
I used Obubu’s houjicha dark roast.


Houji latte
Add sugar (about 3-5g) and milk (about 300-400ml), heat it until just before it boils.


Houji latte
Strain the houjicha latte with a tea strainer.


Houji latte
Now ready to drink…. We had a nice relaxing break!



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