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Guide to Japanese Tea

The information contained within these pages is intended to give you a deep understanding of Japanese tea from farm to cup. Whether a tea professional or an aspiring connoisseur, we hope this is useful and informs your tea drinking or buying.

Printable Quick Guide List of Japanese Tea Types & Terminology Japanese Tea Nutrition Chart

Tea Farming

  • Terroir: Region, Terrain, Soil, Weather
  • Plants: Cultivar (list), Age
  • Cultivation: Shading and other techniques
  • Harvest: Seasons, Techniques

    Tea Production

    • Processing: Withering, Fixation, Rolling, Drying 
    • Finishing: Sorting, Blending, Green Roasting
    • Post-processing: Blending w/other ingredients, Grinding, Roasting

      Tea Storage

      Tea Tasting