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Mickey’s Matcha Latte Recipe!

Ian |

Recipe by Mickey Price

SERVING SIZE: One person. ~8oz


  • Hot water: 1-2oz
  • Matcha: 2-3g or one good size teaspoon
  • a means of frothing milk: you can use a steamer or a mechanical frother as long as the milk is hot and frothed.
  • Milk: 6-8oz you can use any kind. I use whole milk because it’s more true to a latte, but skim froths up very nicely.


Put your matcha in a bowl (you can use food grade matcha for this). Put it through a sieve so you don’t have clumps. Begin heating your water now as well. It needs to be 200 degrees, not boiling, not 180.

About to froth.

If you want sugar add it now.
2About to froth


Nice and hot! Lots of froth!

Quick whisk your matcha!

Use just enough 200 degree water to get it into suspension! You can use a normal whisk but a bamboo whisk is much easier.
Quick whisk your matcha

Pour it!

Immediately pour it over your milk and enjoy! Matcha settles so you may need to stir it up once in a while.
5Pour it

Duke of earl!

Alternatively you can switch the matcha shot for a super strong shot of earl grey to make an earl grey latte aka a Duke of Earl!
6Duke of earl

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