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Where to experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Where to experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

There are a lot of companies and individuals offering Japanese tea ceremony (in Japanese, known as Sado, Chado or Chanoyu) experiences.

Truthfully, the ceremony is a practice that’s like ballroom dancing in that both participants need to be proficient (host and guest) for it to have significance...but just for the experience, to get a taste, I think one of the most interesting experiences is provided by an antique dealer: Gallery Okubo near Yanaka Ginza (see Google Map).

For more information on understanding Chanoyu, read Tyas Sosen’s “What every matcha lover should know about Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony”. He is the first Belgian Japanese tea instructor (a position certified by a Japanese tea industry NPO, the Japanese Tea Instructors Association), and a licensed teacher at the Enshu School of Chanoyu.

Gallery Okubo


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