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Matcha baking idea: matcha roll cake

Ian |

The matcha roll cake with cream in the center is a staple at many Japanese cafés. Japan doesn’t have establishments called tea houses or “Chaya” except for a few that carry on the old tradition in Kyoto for geisha. Instead there are a number of cafés that specialize in tea, some times green tea. It’s a sign of just how westernized this country has become. On the other hand, the old style is associated with constraining social norms that, while beautiful in many ways, often do not match contemporary consumer culture. That being said, the adoption of cafés certainly comes with a great deal of Japanization, one example being the matcha latte and the other being the matcha roll cake.

If you are ever in Japan be sure to ask your hotel concierge where you can enjoy a good matcha roll cake!!

photo taken at cafe hachijyuuhachiya (


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