Spice up your drink

Staff - Haruna

I, staff Haruna, joined a spice seminar organized by a big spice company in Tokyo. The theme was – “Add Spices to Your Drink”. In the class, each student made a spice sugar by mixing all the ingredients below. 2 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon...

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Roasted Barley Tea (Mugicha) – A Japanese Summertime Favorite

Victoria Garafola

What is Roasted Barley Tea? Roasted barley tea, also commonly referred to as “mugicha,” is a popular beverage in Japan. Even though it is referred to as tea, it does not actually contain any tea leaves. Rather, it is an infusion of unhulled barley grains...

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Sayama Tea and Flower Festival


Shop Here for 2015 Shincha Tea Sayama Shincha Festival Have you decided on your plans for the Golden Week? On April 29th (昭和の日 Showa no hi, Showa Day), please come visit “Sayama Shicha and Flower Festival”! This is an event unique to Sayama, a tea...

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Tea Picking at Sugimoto Tea Factory & Farm

Asako Inoue

Tea picking experience in Higashiyamato, Tokyo (Tokyo part of the Sayama region) Article by Yukiko Fujita (Professional interpreter and tea enthusiast) From Yunomius: We are currently considering whether to carry Sugimoto-san’s teas. Please leave a comment if you think we should! Date: Sunday May 11th...

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How to choose Japanese tea

By partnering with a hundred plus artisanal Japanese tea farms and factories, we offer hundreds of green teas, and dozens of matcha, black tea, oolong tea, etc. Where do you start?

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