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Sakura Mochi Recipe (easy-to-make recipe using microwave)

Sakura Mochi Recipe (easy-to-make recipe using microwave) - Yunomi.life

Reiko Taichi |

Sakura mochi 桜餅 is a Japanese sweet made of sweet pink-colored rice cake with a red bean paste filling, wrapped in a salted sakura leaf.

Recipe by Reiko Taichi
(Servings: 20 pieces)


300g Do-myo-ji-ko* 道明寺粉 (coarse rice powder)
600cc Boiled Water
3 tablespoon Sugar
RED food coloring (very small amount)
800g-900g Anko (sweet red bean paste)
20 Salted sakura leaves


1) In a heat resistant bowl dissolve sugar into hot water.
2) Add red food coloring little by little into 1) using a toothpick (adjust color to liking, light pink recommended). Add do-myo-ji-ko (coarse rice powder) and stir well.
3) Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in 500W microwave for 4 minutes. Take out the bowl and stir the mixture once.
4) Place the bowl back in 500W microwave for another 4 minutes. Take out from the microwave and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
5) While letting it rest, make 20 balls of anko (red bean paste).
6) Place salted sakura leaves in water to remove salt (about 20 minutes).
7) On a plastic wrap, take 1/20 of the Domyoji-ko mixture and press to make thin round shape, center with a ball of anko, and then wrap the anko with mixture, sealing the edges (wet your hands when taking out from the wrap).
8) Wipe water off sakura leaves with paper towel and wrap around the mochi.

*What is Domyoji-ko?
It is powder made from glutinous rice that has been steamed, dried, and coarsely grounded. This was originally made as a preserved food in Domyoji Temple located in Fujii-dera city, Osaka Prefecture.

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