Uejima Tea Farm: Uji Matcha "Rei" 30g, (Samidori) Standard Ceremonial Grade 京都宇治和束茶 抹茶 玲

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Rei 玲 in Japanese means "piercing beauty" or alternatively refers to the pure reverberating sound of metal striking a bell as often heard in Buddhist ceremonies. This ceremonial grade matcha from Uejima Tea Farm evokes the purity and beauty of this sound. A matcha that is recommended for usucha (in comparison to koicha, the thick matcha), this is a popular floral and smooth matcha from tea master Uejima-san in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture. Made with the samidori tea cultivar,  this cultivar is well known for making an excellent matcha, tencha, and gyokuro.  

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Net weight: 30g (bag inside can)
  • Cultivar: Samidori
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Wazuka Village, Kyoto Prefecture

About Tea Farmer: Noriyasu Uejima

Noriyasu Uejima is a tea master. In the 90+ year old tea tasting competition held in Kyoto, he is the only winner to ever achieve a perfect score. Cultivating and processing some of Kyoto's finest teas, the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Kyoto features his teas in their line up for guests. He is the 5th generation master farmer carrying on a tradition that dates back to the mid-19th century when his ancestor started the Uejima family as a branch family of an even older main family. The farm also operates the Wazuka Village's Wazuka Cha Cafe.

Uejima-san below gives a simple introduction about the Wazuka valley

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