Tabasco: Spicy Shoyu (Soy Sauce), 5 fl oz / 148 ml

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A special collaboration between soy sauce manufacturer Shoda Shoyu and Tabasco®, this spicy soy sauce is just right!

  • Volume: 150 ml
  • Ingredients: Soy sauce, pepper sauce, alcohol, (wheat and soybeans are included in some of the ingredients)
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Manufacturer: Shoda Shoyu, 3-1 Sakaecho, Tatebayashi, Gunma

In a glass bottle, it's quite heavy and terrible for international shipping, but if you're a dedicated Tabasco® fan, you'll want this in your pantry. Our price does not include shipping, and this product does not apply to shipping promotions. Shipping weight is 410 grams, and rate can be seen on the shipping rates page.

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