Mannen: Ume Matcha - Japanese Plum, Matcha & Kelp Soup Tea Powder 梅抹茶

Size: 20g (2g x 10 packets)
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Call it a sipping broth, a soup tea, a savory tea…In Japan, kombu or kelp seaweed is often used as a base for broth and has also been consumed as a refreshing drink rather than a soup served with a meal.

From a Western perspective, the savory, salty flavor makes it more of an instant soup, but we encourage you to drink it as a tea, in the mid-afternoon, to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day. 

This variation is flavored with Japanese plum and matcha. 

Single packet (2g) in image.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Table salt, dextrin, arare (rice cracker bits),  dried Japanese plum (ume), matcha green tea powder, kombu (kelp seaweed) extract / flavoring (amino acids, etc), acidulant, flavoring, purple corn food coloring.


  • As tea: Dissolve a packet of the powder in hot water (80C/176F or hotter, using a cup or bowl of about 150 - 200 ml).
  • As broth: Dissolve a packet as desired in hot water and it is ready for use.

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