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Two beautiful evening photos of Mt. Fuji

Ian |

Recently, we discovered an interesting photo sharing website that seems oriented at high-level amateur photographers photographing landscapes. Although the startup is based in California, it seems to have been started by a Japanese entrepreneur, and Japan-based landscape photos seem to dominate.

As anyone following Yunomi’s social media accounts can attest to, we are a fan of Mt. Fuji as a photo subject (the mountain is an inspiration whenever we see it!). The Mt. Fuji photos shared on Pashadelic are quite amazing: http://pashadelic.com/en/search?query=fuji

Top – http://pashadelic.com/en/photos/306461-fuefuki-shi-liu-yun-falsehuai
Bottom – http://pashadelic.com/en/photos/306523-okutama-machi-wei-feng-tang

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