Recipe by Reiko Taichi


  • Matcha (Ceremonial Grade Matcha) 10g
  • Milk 300ml
  • Beet sugar (may be substituted by granulated sugar)  40g
  • Low fat heavy cream 100cc
  • Hot water 90cc
  • Egg white 1


1) In a small pan, put milk and sugar and cook over low heat for 20-30min. Make sure not to burn or overflow the liquid. Turn off heat once the liquid becomes thick.
2) In a bowl, put matcha, pour hot water and whisk. If you do not have a chasen (matcha whisk) use a small whisk to mix thoroughly.
3) Mix in heavy cream into 2).
4) Mix the whisked matcha 3) into the pan 1) and place it in a freezer for over 5 hours.
5) Beat egg white and mix with 4). Place it in a freezer again for over 5 hours.
6) You can mix the gelato several times in between the 5 hours if you wish.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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