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  • Sakura Tea Latte Recipe

    Sakura Tea Latte Recipe

    Spring has returned! Some sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) and other spring flowers are blooming, plants are growing and birds are singing. Here is a drink that you can enjoy this...

  • Sakura Kudzu-yu (Kudzu root Tea) Recipe

    Sakura Kudzu-yu (Kudzu root Tea) Recipe

    Spring is surely coming with Ume (Japanese apricots) blossom and early-bloom sakura blossoms although it's still cold here in my place and Mt. Fuji is covered with snow.    ...

  • Sakura Sugar Cookie Recipe - Yunomi.life

    Sakura Sugar Cookie Recipe

    This simple recipe for sugar cookies with sakura blossoms comes from Gabriela Sorgenfrey (whose Instagram account is filled with her exploration of tea and beautiful Japanese wagashi sweets).