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Recipe for Frozen Kurogoma Kinako Latte (フローズン黒ごまきなこラテ)

Recipe for Frozen Kurogoma Kinako Latte (フローズン黒ごまきなこラテ) - Yunomi.life

Sachiko Murata |

I will show you a frozen drink this time. It's frozen Kurogoma Kinako Latte! This desert drink is creamy, nutty, sweet and savory !! I would like you to try it.

Kurogoma (黒ごま ,black sesame seed) might seem to be unusual for you as a sweet drink ,but it is often used in Japanese confectionary ,also for making cakes and ice creams . 

Kinako (きな粉 ,roasted soybeans powder) is produced by grinding roasted soy beans into a powder. As well as black sesame seeds,  Kinako is also widely used in Japanese confectionary.

Here are some typical Japanese food Ohagi (おはぎ) Sweet rice balls made with glutinous rice with different flavored coatings.


Ohagi(おはぎ) covered with Anko, Kugoroma, Kinako ,Anko. (From the left) 


It might be difficult for you to get black sesame seeds and Kinako in your stores. Here is a product which contained both of them. 


Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte by Kuki Sangyo


There are fluffy black sesame seed powder, finely grounded Kinako, and Sudakito ,special cane sugar containing lots of minerals from Amami island, Kagoshima, in the packet.

I think it is very handy and useful for you to have one on your shelf.


Frozen Kurogoma Kinako Latte Recipe

フローズン黒ごまきなこラテ レシピ


Kuro goma latte by Kuki Sangyo         3 tbs


Black sesame powder                             2 tbs  

Kinako (roasted soybeans powder)     1 tbs

Syrup or  honey                                       1 tbs


Milk                                                           100ml                * I used soy milk.

Ice                                                             200ml (1cup)

Cinnamon                                                optional



1 Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend well.

2 Sprinkle cinnamon on top to taste. 


It is easy and tasty!! Enjoy it!

Today's Recommendation

1 This product is introduced in the above.

Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte by Kuki Sangyo


2 If you prefer without sugar, this is a non-sugar type of 1.

Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte Non-Sweetened by Kuki Sangyo










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