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Genmaicha Matcha Latte Recipe

Genmaicha Matcha Latte Recipe

Sachiko Murata |


This Genmaicha Matcha latte is such a bliss. It's lighter and refreshing, which is different from the Matcha Latte you may already know.

The fragrant aroma of Genmaicha and the mellow taste of matcha come together with milk. This Genamaicha Matcha latte will be your new favorite autumn treat!


What You'll Need  

1 Tea


Genmaicha is a tea blend made from toasted rice and green tea leaves. Toasted rice add a toasty, nutty flavor to the tea blend. It balances the bitterness and astringency in green tea.





Matcha is a special type of green tea made from tencha leaves.  (See more here.) It has a grassy and slightly bitter taste with notes of sweetness and umami savoriness. 




Genmaicha with Matcha 

Occasionally, producers make Genmaicha blends with a coat of Matcha (matcha-iri genmaicha) to add some sweetness and give it a light-green hue.




You are lucky if you have it at home. Use it for this latte!



2 Milk

You can use any types of milk, but I recommend you choose a plant based milk as Genmaicha has a mild toasty, earthy flavor and subtle aroma. Soy milk, oat milk would be good.  


3 Sweetener

You can add any sweetener of your choice. I add a dash of agave syrup for this recipe.  



Genmaicha Matcha Latte RECIPE




[ For 1 cup] 

2g (1 teaspoon) Matcha

8g (1 heaping tablespoon) Genmaicha

300ml hot water   

50ml milk 

1-2 teaspoons sweetener, to taste

toasted rice and/or Matcha for sprinkling,to taste 



1 Place Matcha and Genmaicha in a teapot, and pour the hot water (95℃ /203°F) over the tea. Steep for 2 minutes.

2 Meanwhile, heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave. The milk is ready when some small bubbles are forming around the outside, but not boiling. Froth the milk with a hand frother or whisk.

3 Pour the tea into a cup and add some sweetener to taste. Pour the milk gently into it. Sprinkle your choice of toasted rice and/or Matcha on top.



You can also make this latte using only Genmaicha, which gives a more toasty and milder taste. 


  Genmaicha Matcha Latte(left), Genmaicha only Latte(right)




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Today's Recommendation 


Tarui Tea Farm: Organic Genmaicha, Autumn Harvest, Single Cultivar Shizu 7132

This Genmaicha is made with organic toasted rice and a deep-steamed organic sencha (fukamushicha) grown in Shizuoka.



Yunomi Matcha: Naturally Grown - Naruto - Latte Grade  

This matcha balances savory umami and fresh notes of grassy meadows that allow the matcha to stand out when blending with milk.


Genmaicha with Matcha

Chiyonoen Tea Garden: #18 Mountain-Grown Premium Genmaicha with Matcha 100g

This tea utilizes brown rice from the Kyushu region (Southern island of Japan), sencha from Chiyonoen's second flush, and is topped with their original matcha. 


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