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Yunomi Kominka Project, Stage 1 complete

Yunomi Kominka Project, Stage 1 complete - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

In pursuit of authenticity, Yunomi is moving our base of operations into this classic Japanese home, called a kominka 古民家, and authentic tea house. The lease contract and initial fees were completed on Dec 14, completing the first stage of this project. Your help as our fellow tea enthusiasts and customers during November and December made this possible.

Stage 2: Conversion into Yunomi headquarters

Repairs are actually already underway! The owners have agreed to invest quite a bit of money in fixing up the garden and painting the roof "matcha" green among other things. 

We will need to raise funds again next year to invest in converting some of the rooms to storage of high grade tea (fixed temperature control), warehouse space, and office space. During this winter season, the house is much too cold, and we will need to invest in heating equipment; later for the summer, we'll need air conditioners installed.

The discovery of underground storage spaces is also quite interesting....I think we will attempt to recreate pre-modern tea aging techniques, and perhaps experiment with aging tea in oak barrels used for wine and whiskey.

Stage 3 will involve preparing the chashitsu tea room to accept guests for tea tastings and lectures, and converting the warehouse function into a retail space...


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