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Partnership with Hvala Singapore

Partnership with Hvala Singapore - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

Earlier this month, we finalized a partnership with Hvala Singapore to promote teas from the small scale farms and producers featured on Yunomi.

Tea of the month - We will be recommending unique and rare teas to be featured at Hvala's cafes.

Group Shipping - Providing a low cost shipping option for smaller orders, Hvala & Yunomi are now offering weekly group shipping  from Japan to Hvala's Flagship Store at Chijmes, where you can pickup your order and enjoy matcha gelato for free (limited time offer). 

  • ¥500 fee for up to 500 grams
  • ¥800 for 501 to 750 grams
  • ¥1200 for 751 to 1000 grams
  • Group shipments are sent Thursday, and the cut off is 7:00 am, Thursday, Tokyo time (all items in the order must be available at that time). 
  • Hvala will receive the shipment in a 2-3 days though delays may be possible due to customs, etc. If shipments are quick orders should be ready for pickup as early as the following Sunday.
  • Tracking info for the group shipment will be registered to your order, so you will be able to see when the order has arrived at Hvala Chijmes.
  • For pickup, please show a copy of your order and a photo ID. 

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I just found out about Yunomi and Hvala a few days ago. Made an order on Wednesday, the tea shipped on Thursday, tracked it and saw it arrived at Hvala Chijmes on Friday and went to pick it up on Friday. Took me less than 2 days to get my order, which is really extremely fast! (Sadly I didn’t know about the free matcha gelato, but I was also in a rush when picking up my order so wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of this anyway!)


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