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Emergency Shipping Policy for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Emergency Shipping Policy for the Coronavirus Pandemic - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

First of all, on behalf of Yunomi and our partners, we hope and pray that you, your family, and your friends are safe and healthy both in mind and body. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed all of our lives. Getting down to business, global shipping logistics has been thrown into chaos by the decline in passenger flights between countries; they often carry air cargo in addition to luggage.

We ship primarily by postal airmail, the cheapest way to send internationally, and shipments have been suspended to 160 countries as I write this. Shipments of orders before April 8th to countries where there has been no suspension have been stuck in a large backlog at Tokyo International Shipping Center. On April 9th, the post office, Japan Post, formally announced that the backlog is over 2 weeks. The latest information can be found on our Coronavirus Update article

This article outlines our shipping policy until further notice. Issues not stated here will revert to the standard shipping policy and shipping rates, and where there is conflict, the shipping policy stated here takes precedent. Please also note our DHL Shipping Promo available until further notice.

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UPDATE (May 11, 2020): We have revamped our shipping rates focusing on DHL shipments for the time being. Please see the Standard Shipping Rates page for details. The below will continue to apply to orders made before the new shipping rate policy was instated.


We've got you covered!

First of all, our Yunomi Delivery Guarantee for Premium and Express Airmail means that you will get your order, or we will send you a refund.

When your order (or a combination of orders) meets the criteria laid out for shipment by DHL Express, we will upgrade our shipment. At the moment (April) this criteria is being subsidized as a shipping promo for certain countries (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark (see above link for details).



In normal times, I ask customers to take on the risk of a lost shipment in exchange for the low cost of Standard Airmail. I believe this is a good deal because the chances of a lost shipment are very low.

However, these are not normal times. The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the global postal system into chaos. As international travelers have virtually disappeared, flights between countries that once carried postal airmail as cargo have also disappeared. Local postal delivery systems worldwide have also been hurt, and both outgoing and incoming customs processing centers have seen reduction in capacity to process packages. It's a vicious circle.

I would like to know that in these unprecedented circumstances, again I HAVE YOU COVERED! The Yunomi Delivery Guarantee will be extended to Standard Airmail until further notice, but in exchange, please expect a delay of unknown time...I am exploring options country by country, region by region to figure out how to get your package delivered to you at the low cost of Standard Airmail. This is also retroactive to all orders made since March 21st.


My order has shipped and is probably stuck in the postal system. What are my options?

We created a detailed policy on order that have already been shipped. Please see details here.



If DHL Express does not appear as a option for your country, please choose Express Airmail as your option, and while it make take a while, we will explore shipping by DHL to your country. If the rate is more than 30% than the Express Airmail rate you paid, you may be asked to pay the difference (we will cover up to 30%). If this is too high, you may choose to wait out the postal system suspension, or cancel your order.



All orders that have not shipped are eligible for cancellation and refund, as well as changes to items and shipping methods. Please contact me at support@yunomi.life to make a request.


When in doubt, please contact us!

Handling this situation is complicated, and my staff and I may have overlooked your order, or a certain issue. Please feel free to contact me at support@yunomi.life to take a specific look at your order or issue.

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