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DHL Shipping Promo 2020

DHL Shipping Promo 2020 - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

Update 2020 July 1: This promotion has ended. Visit our Specials Collection for current sales

First of all, on behalf of Yunomi and our partners, we hope and pray that you, your family, and your friends are safe and healthy both in mind and body. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed all of our lives. Getting down to business, global shipping logistics has been thrown into chaos by the decline in passenger flights between countries; they often carry air cargo in addition to luggage.

We ship primarily by postal airmail, the cheapest way to send internationally, and shipments have been suspended to 160 countries as I write this. Shipments of orders before April 8th to countries where there has been no suspension have been stuck in a large backlog at Tokyo International Shipping Center. On April 9th, the post office, Japan Post, formally announced that the backlog is over 2 weeks. The latest information can be found on our Coronavirus Update article.

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Image: Shincha - new tea leaves from Yakushima Island (Hachimanjyu) in early April 2020.

DHL Shipping Promotion

However, our tracking data for shipments via DHL Express (2-3 days to major markets) show no delay. DHL Express is more expensive, and may have extra fees (import tax, VAT and customs processing fees) though, so we are launching this promotion to subsidize some of this. Updated May 11, 2020.

  • Order amounts below exclude shipping cost
  • Order amount US$50 - $74.99: $20 cost
  • US$75 - $99.99: $15
  • US$100 - $199.99: $10
  • US$200 - $1000: $5
  • Register at www.ondemand.dhl.com to pay import fees, customize delivery options including redelivery and request non-contact delivery.


  • Retail orders only.
  • Eligible countries:
    • USA (50 states + DC). There is no import tax for tea, but high value orders may incur a processing fee
    • Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong (VAT will be charged in addition to a processing fee)
  • Available until further notice.

Updates (4/25)

  • Shipments to the US have been officially suspended by Japan Post as of April 24...We suspected this would happen eventually, hence the switch to promote DHL shipping on April 10.
  • Reimbursement for VAT and processing fees charged to recipient by DHL will end April 30 (Tokyo time). Orders made after April 30 will not be eligible.
  • Orders made April 26 (Tokyo time) or later: We are learning that certain locations incur a remote area charge. As part of this promotion, we will pay for 50% of this charge, but we may bill you for the remainder 50%. Customers may cancel their order if the charge is too high.


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