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Professional's Guide to Japanese Tea

  • Does the Best Gyokuro Come from Yame? - Yunomi.life

    Does the best gyokuro come from Yame?

    Magnificent scenery with mountainous valleys and open plains Centuries of tradition and rich cultural heritage A welcoming rural community Award-winning gyokuro... If the above descriptions resonate with you, Yame may...

  • Kumamoto-cha & Miyazaki-cha - Yunomi.life

    Kumamoto-cha & Miyazaki-cha

    Hello, happy half moon in August!  Late August is usually a time when the bell crickets (鈴虫; Suzumushi) start to sing and chime in Japan.  Their singing can be peaceful...

  • History Notes Along with Your Cup of Ureshino Tea - Yunomi.life

    History Notes Along with Your Cup of Ureshino Tea

    Kyushu (九州) is Japan’s third largest island and is located at the very Southwest end of Japan. It is made up of the following 8 prefectures: Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Saga, Miyazaki, Kumamoto,...

  • A Taste of Kagoshima Tea - Yunomi.life

    A Taste of Kagoshima Tea

    Kagoshima is the 2nd largest tea producing prefecture in Japan, after Shizuoka.  It is only recently however that Kagoshima has obtained recognition for producing high-end tea.  For several decades, Kagoshima...