Kajihara Tea Garden: #03 Rare Izumi First Flush Black tea (Wakocha) 春摘みいずみ和紅茶

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Soft spring buds were harvested and finished with a light fermentation to produce Kajihara Tea Garden's wakocha (Japanese black tea), Izumi First Flush. Characterized by a light golden color, the fruity scent of Izumi's full leaves will spread all throughout your mouth.

In 1960, the Izumi cultivar was registered by the Tea Farming Forestry divison as No.24 and given the name, "Izumi". It was originally cultivated for the production of kamairicha. The Izumi cultivar's parent is Benihomare, which holds a floral scent. In recent years, a handful of producers have become interested in producing fermented wakocha (black tea). Thus, while the Izumi cultivar is rare, it is receiving increased attention. 

The Izumi bushes at Kajihara Tea Garden were planted 5 years ago. It has taken patience and care but finally this year (2020), it was ready to be harvested. Kajihara-san feels the Izumi variety is full of potential and he is looking forward to improving their techniques and skills for making fragrant wakocha.


Product Info

  • Cultivar(s): Izumi
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Tsuge village, Ashikita town, Kumamoto
  • Storage: Store sealed airtight in cool, dry area avoiding sunlight


Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 5 grams
  • Time: 5 minutes (please adjust to personal preference)
  • Water temperature: 90C/194F degrees
  • Water amount: 150 ml



About the Tea Farmer

Toshihiro Kajihara, Tea Farmer
  • Name: Toshihiro Kajihara
  • Vendor Type: Family farm (Kajihara Tea Garden)
  • Location: Ashikita, Ashikita-gun, Kumamoto 869-6303, Japan

The Kajihara Tea Garden is cultivated by Toshihiro Kajihara, a 3rd generation tea farmer based in the 9-family hamlet of Tsuge in Ashikita Village, Kumamoto. Being first born in his family, he was expected to continue the family business and so specialized in tea during his studies in the Public Agricultural University in Kumamoto prefecture. At the age of 20, he returned home to start his tea career.

Learn more about the Kajihara Tea Garden

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