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Oisakien Tea Shop

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Office 67 (Rocknana) is a Tokyo based company specializing in map designed goods such as tote bags, pouches, and mug cups. The accuracy of the reduced scale map designed on the product is another attractive feature, along with the cute combination of colors and the functional aspects. We have selected mug cups from the mapmug series!


When I was young, my father took me to the Oisakien factory and that is when I decided to start the Oisakien tea shop. I have been in this business for nearly 40 years but it is only recent that I figured out a well-balanced way to run and manage the store.

A new attempt as a tea shop… We want to offer everything that is necessary for tea time. That is why we have tea, tea ware, sweets, and other refreshments. Oisakien

We help and support entrepreneurs that want to start a tea shop. I teach them what is required in this business. I wish for more and more young Japanese people to start a new business. (Yoshio Motohashi, President)

About Oisakien’s paper bag: Motohashi-san's father-in-law of the was a painter in Japanese-style art. He was also active as a kimono designer in Kyoto. The beautiful illustration of the paper bag used in Oisakien is the work of this father-in-law.


  • NAME: Oisakien
  • LOCATION: Nihongi, Iruma-shi, Saitama 358-0015, JAPAN
  • ESTABLISHED: 1970s
  • FARM LABOUR: We buy aracha from contracted farmer and the finishing is done at the factory in Nihongi. Usually, we do not perform any farm labor but during the busy shincha season, we help picking the tea leaves. Every year, we gather the local people to enjoy and experience tea-picking.
  • TEA PLANT CULTIVAR: yabukita, sayama-kaori, fukumidori
  • PRIMARY SALES ROUTE: Sold only at the store

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