Osada Tea: Organic Yamabuki Nadeshiko, Kurokoji Fermented Tea 有機山吹撫子

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Yamabuki Nadeshiko is a new type of tea made by controlled microbial fermentation that produces (in Yunomi's opinion) a slightly sour tea liquor with a subtle strawberry flavor.

Kurokoji Fermentation

Kawamura Denbei, known as the "Father of Shizuoka Yeast" and president of microbial research and development company Riversion, developed this tea based on his years of research into koji molds (aspergillus oryzae) used for making Japanese sake, soy sauce, and miso among other foods. The specific type of koji used is black koji or kurokoji 黒麹, and is most famous for making the bold flavors of awamori sake in Okinawa. Joint research with Shizuoka and Saga Universities revealed that tea processed with kurokoji creates two polyphenols, named Teadenol A and Teadenol B.

At Osada Tea's clean room facility, a patented kurokoji fermentation starter is mixed into leaves grown organically from the farmers of the Isagawa Tea Coop in Haruno Village (in the mountains of the famed Tenryu district of western Shizuoka). This differs from traditional Pu-erh tea which is naturally fermented (allowing the natural molds in the air to start fermentation in the leaves).

Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 2g
  • Time: 2 minutes
  • Water: 100C/212F, 150 ml

About Osada Tea

Osada Natsumi, Osada Tea

Established in 1948, Osada Tea is an award winning producer and wholesaler of Japanese tea, focusing on organic tea production, and working closely with the farmers of the Isagawa Tea Agriculture Cooperative in Haruno Village, Tenryu Region of Shizuoka.

4th generation tea master, Osada Natsumi, holds 8th-dan rank of tea appraisal, is registered as a Japanese Tea Instructor, and was Champion of the 58th National Tea Appraisal competition. 

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