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Tea Discoveries Club January 2014

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Tea Discoveries Club
The Tea Discoveries Club this month featured these teas:

  1. Tsuyuhikari green tea powder (no official name yet, tentatively on sale February 14) from the Fukushima Tea Farm in Shizuoka Prefecture
  2. Organic Premium Kabusecha “Hako-iri Musume” from tea farm NaturaliTea in Shizuoka Prefecture
  3. Organic Yabukita Midori First Flush (On sale February 7) from tea farm NaturaliTea in Shizuoka Prefecture
  4. Sayama Green Roasted Sencha (On sale February 10) from tea farm Yokota Tea Garden in Saitama Prefecture

UPDATE: The coupon included in your shipment is now good for all the teas available from these suppliers, not only the specific tea included in the shipment.

We’d love to hear feedback from you on these teas! Please send your comments to us below. If you do not want these comments to be used as public testimonials, please put in [[double brackets]]. Otherwise, these comments may be used (your first name and country will be credited) on the product pages, and may be translated into Japanese to share with the farmers. Thank you very much!

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