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How to make matcha tea

Ian |

The below are basic instructions on how to make matcha tea for one person. Since we are farmers and not tea ceremony masters, we encourage you to experiment to get just the right taste…more powder for a thicker taste, more water for a thinner taste, etc.

Basic tools: The one tool that you really should have is a bamboo whisk or chasen. The fine needles allow the matcha to froth. You should also use a bowl instead of a cup. A bowl, being wider, will allow you more room to whisk the matcha. A chashaku is also great from measuring your matcha powder and gives you the true Japanese experience.

Powder: 2 grams = 2 bamboo scoops (chashaku) = a little less than 1 teaspoon
Water amount: 60 ml = 1/3 tea cup = 1/4 cup = 2 fl. oz.
Water temperature: 80ºC = 176ºF degrees. Hotter temperature creates more foam but makes it a little more bitter  


  1. Use two bamboo scoops or chashaku worth of matcha powder. If you do not have a chashaku, this is about 2 grams or slightly less than a teaspoon.
  2. Place the matcha powder into a sifter above the bowl. You’ll want to sift the powder because it becomes difficult to beat out clumps once it gets wet.
  3. Pour a little of the hot water (this is Uji style) into the bowl and make a paste.
  4. add hot water to preference and begin whisking, moving your wrists rapidly in a forward and back motion. From time to time you should use the curvature of the chasen to make sure you blend any powder that has stuck to the side of the bowl. Once the blend has begun to froth (amount of froth is a personal preference. Different schools of tea ceremony advocate different styles), you are done!

Language note: Frothing the matcha tea is called “tateru” in Japanese…meaning “to stand up”. Making matcha refers to this frothing of the tea instead of “pouring” or “ireru”.