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Matcha Blueberry Mocktail Recipe

Matcha Blueberry Mocktail Recipe - Yunomi.life

Sachiko Murata |

We are in the rainy season in Japan, but the summer is surely coming with blueberries !



This Matcha Blueberry Mocktail is a refreshing and delicious drink that anyone can enjoy. Blueberries go well with Matcha.

Start from the Matcha and fizzy layer, then stir well and enjoy the combination of  blueberries.

It's perfect for the summer drink. 


Tips to make matcha without lumps

It might be difficult to make matcha without lumps as matcha is super-fine powder, and because of that,  it makes static and lumps easily.

I'd recommend you to have Chasen (bamboo whisk) at home if you drink matcha or make some desserts with matcha. You would be surprised hot well it works.


Chasen (Bamboo whisk)


Even with a small amount of water, you can mix it very well. 




Whisking 2 tbsp of water and matcha with Chasen


If you don't have it at home, sieve Matcha before adding the water. It will help prevent lumps.  You can use a tea strainer for sieving.


Let's start ! 


Matcha Blueberry Mocktail Recipe


1/4 of tsp of Matcha

200ml (1cup) of Ginger ale or sparkling water, to taste

3tbsp of blueberry jam or blueberry syrup

2tbsp of blueberries, to taste 

Ice cubes



1 Place matcha into a small cup, pour about 2 tbsp of warm water, and whisk well, then set aside.   

2 Place blueberries and blueberry jam in a glass, mix them.

3 Fill the glass with ice cubes.

4 Pour Ginger ale and matcha, stir well.

5 Blueberries on top, to taste



Cool down with your drink!


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