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Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

Sachiko Murata |

Do you have any pumpkin puree left from the Halloween or have you got a pumpkin or a butternut squash on your shelf? Let's make a nice drink with it. The creamy and sweet taste will make you warm and happy. The cute tiramisu-like looking is created by using hojicha powder, and the bitterness of the powder accentuates the flavor to the drink.


Firstly, I'll show you what hojicha powder is, and how to make pumpkin puree.Jump straight to the recipe if you don't need them, and enjoy making the drink!


What's hojicha powder?



Hojicha - 焙じ茶 - , literally means "roasted tea", and is made from some form of green tea that has been roasted. As it is roasted, the leaves turn brown and get a nice roast aroma. Hojicha powder is finely ground hojicha leaves. It is superfine and smooth like matcha.



How to make Pumpkin Puree




pumpkin or butternut squash (peeled and seeded, cut into evenly sized cubes) 




  1. (To microwave) Put the cubes in a bowl covering in a cling film, and heat at 500W for 5-6 mins.

     (To steam) Put the cubes in a steamer or colander set over a pan of simmering water and cook for 10-15 mins. 

  2. Test with the point of a knife that it's soft enough to mash. Cook for longer if it's not done. Take it out, mash them or put it into a blender.




Hojicha Pumpkin Latte RECIPE



 [ for 1 glass ]

  • pumpkin puree    2tbsp
  • your favorite milk     200ml
  • sugar     1tbsp, to taste
  • hojicha powder    1tbsp   
  • a hint of pumpkin pie spice (or hint of ground cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg) 
  • a cinnamon stick, to taste



  1. Place pumpkin puree in a glass.
  2. Pour warm milk onto it. Add sugar if you required.
  3. Sprinkle hojicha powder and pumpkin spices on top. Sprinkle with sieving is recommended as to mix well with the milk (see the photo below).  
  4. Serve with a cinnamon stick, to taste.








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