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Happenings and Future Plans

Yunomi Staff |

I hope your cups have not become cold in my absence; Obubu has been on quite the adventure in the past few weeks.  Several events have taken place, I’ve done my own share of exploring and discovery, plans have been made, improvements are under-way  and our interns are arriving!

I’m sure they will be eager to introduce themselves, however I’ll take this opportunity to welcome Neil Tennyson and Angie Suin to the Obubu family. Both bring significant attributes and talent to the table and believe me I have already put together a schedule! I’m not letting this opportunity pass me by!

Leave no leaf unturned! Obubu Interns Away!

Leave no leaf unturned! Obubu Interns Away!

Since the website crash Obubu has gone under some significant changes, as you no doubt have seen from the site layout and design. Of course improvements still need to be made. We will be listing products, providing weekly blogs, updating our directions page with detailed information, and keeping you updated on any new activities and happenings. With the additional woman/man power propelling Obubu, we’re going to be your new go to site for Japanese tea.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend subscribing to our Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest or YouTube accounts. Our resolution for this month is to step up our social media and interaction; we want to bring the tea farm to you if you can’t come to it. But wait! You can! For your summer vacation this year, consider visiting Japan, and even better, Wazuka! We’ll give you a tea tour that will be the highlight of your trip. It’s not to be missed. Check out what’s available over on our tour page.

As you recall from my last post, Obubu has moved to a new office. While construction is still underway, the improvements made have been considerable. We’ve had walls painted, flooring laid, walls removed, concrete poured, roofing added, and even the kendojo has had a makeover!

Something you should know, if you don’t already is that Obubu devotes a significant amount of time to events, outreach, and community involvement. On the 24th of February Wazuka held its annual Festival of Light where candles were lit all around the park, creating a beautiful mosaic. We also had a special guest from the local pottery company Shorian in Kyoto help us design teaware. I was able to make some rather professional tea cups if I do say so myself. Last weekend saw Obubu in Oji for a special event. I encourage you to check out Neil’s article about our recent participation at Nara’s Friendship Force Day! And in case you are wondering, we made many new friends. Go Friendship!

From the 15th -17th of March, Obubu will be in Arashiyama (near the famous Bamboo Grove and Tegotsukyo Bridge) for a rather large teaware event. Our friends at Shorian are not the type to settle down and let time pass them by, so if you are in the area I encourage you to drop by! If not, I’ll have another article ready to go to inform you of all the Obubu happenings.

As always my friends keep your cups warm and the water hot.

Until next time, your friend,

Obubu Intern TJ Williamson
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