Yunomi Services: Labeling & Packing Fee (2-4 weeks lead time)

For leaf teas and multi-packs: if one size is out-of-stock but a different size is available, we may be able to repack the item. Please inquire.

JPY ¥200

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This fee indicates special instructions and extra coordination / production for your order to our staff. More specific instructions may be left in the order notes.

If you need exactly 180 units of a specific tea product, please purchase:

8 x 10 units, 1 x 100 units. Or 2 x 100 units (you forfeit 20 units). This must be paired eventually with the purchase of tea.

To purchase bulk and ask for repackaging into smaller amounts, please consult us. This service is not meant for cases such as: 1kg -> 10 x 100g.


Private labeling & packing service

What is included:

  • Application of your label (i.e. removal of Yunomi label)
  • (if necessary) basic text label with or without logo will be printed
  • (if necessary) repackaging in kraft resealable bags or your designated bag
  • OR, original bags without labels (which would require us to procure new stock as products are generally stored with Yunomi labels)


What can be repackaged?

Any type of leaf tea can be repackaged. The size will be the size of the product listed on Yunomi (i.e. 1kg -> 1kg, not 1kg -> 10x100g). For custom sizes, please inquire. Matcha and other powdered products are cannot be repackaged, but can be either labeled, or can be placed into an outer bag.


For size, please inquire as the bag size will differ per product / configuration, and that will determine the label size.


Label paper uses standard copy paper material (0.07 mm, 120g/m2).

Send us your label

You may send us your label for application, or your bag for repackaging.

Not included in this fee

Custom bags, custom labels printed professionally are not included in this fee.

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