Nankei Pottery: Acorn-shaped Bankoyaki Dobin Tea Pot with Wood Handle (Dark Brown, 430ml)

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This elegant acorn-shaped tea pot from Nankei Pottery will bring a sense of dignity to your home space. Because it has a volume of 430ml, this teapot can serve up to 4 persons. As it is taller in comparison to most Japanese tea pots, it also does quite well as a teapot to make black tea. Please enjoy with time in your preferred way. 


  • The two main ceramics to make kyusu (tea pots) in Japan is Tokonameyaki and Bankoyaki.  Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture where Nankei Pottery is located is at the cradle of Bankoyaki (萬古焼) ceramics.
  • Different options are available with this acorn-shaped bankoyaki. Instead of the removable wooden handle,  there is a side handle version and removable brass handle option.  

Product Info

  • Tradition: Bankoyaki
  • Volume: 430 ml
  • Dimensions:  140 x 94 x 208 mm (width x depth x height including the handle)
  • Colour: Dark Brown 
  • Material: Ceramic (Clay which is high in iron content)
  • Strainer: Ceramic Mesh 
  • Manual / Care
    • The ceramic mesh strainer has a very thin and delicate structure. It will be damaged if it hits other things or is pressed hard. Please note that there is a risk. Please do not put it in the dishwasher. Due to its delicate structure, it may be damaged.
    • When gluing the tea strainer, there may be a slight gap between the ceramic strainer and the main body. 
    • Please use a neutral detergent for cleaning. Please refrain from using sponges with abrasives, metal scrubbing brushes, cleansers, etc.
    • If you are concerned about dirt, soak it in diluted tableware oxygen bleach overnight to clean it.
    • Ceramic clay containing iron powder which is used as the raw material therefore there are black spots on the surface.

    Producer Info

    • Name: Nankei Pottery
    • Kiln Established: 1913
    • Location: Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture

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