Mikuniya’s Aonori Yakinori Seaweed Sheet for Sushi - Imperial Grade 10 pcs - 焼青混海苔 超特選

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Nori seaweed sheets are used primarily for sushi. Like the tea industry, they are cultivated by initial producers (fishermen) in the sea and processed into dried sheets that are uncut. Factories then buy these unrefined sheets at auction, grade, cut, and refine them further before packaging for retail sale and to restaurants.

Aonori is a specific type of seaweed with extra umami flavor. Mixed into the sushi nori, and it provides a burst of flavor with every bite of sushi.

Recommended with Kameya Foods' Grated Wasabi and delicious Premium Shoyu from Fundodai Goyo

  • Allergen risk: May contain trace amounts of small shrimp and other crustaceans.
  • Grade: IMPERIAL, Premium, Standard
    • Softness:   5 / 5 stars
    • Umami flavor: 5 / 5 stars
    • Thickness:   5 / 5 stars
    • Deepness of color:  5 / 5 stars
    • Rarity:  5 / 5 stars
  • Region: Seaweed grown in the Ariake Sea; Nori graded, cut and packed by Mikuniya in Hiroshima. 

About Mikuniya

A century ago, Mimura Masutaro established his seaweed (nori) business in Asahi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, on the Setouchi Sea where seaweed farms and fisheries had supplied Japan since the era of Japan’s samurai.

Masutaro lived thru a tumultuous period of history and was forced to close his business, but after World War II, his son Yoshihito revived his father’s business establishing a refinement factory and wholesale business, successfully distributing Hiroshima-made Nori throughout the country. Land reclamation projects in Hiroshima destroyed seaweed cultivation in the area and the family was forced to seek out quality raw material from other parts of Japan.

Today, 4th generation Mimura Ichiro continues his family’s processing and wholesale business using delicious Nori seaweed grown in the Ariake Sea in the southernmost island of Kyushu.

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