Yamane-en: Burdock Root Tea from Miyazaki (Goboucha)

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Burdock Root Tea (or Gobocha in Japanese) is a caffeine-free Japanese tea made with burdock roots. The tea has recently gained popularity in Japan due to its potential health benefits that it is now common to come across this tisane in stores. The roots of burdock are often utilized  in Japanese cuisine and have a sweet flavor filled with woodiness. If you are familiar with sunchokes, burdock roots are similar in earthiness (although they are quite different in shape) but a bit more fibrous. 

Yamane-en's burdock root tea is also a bit unique as the burdock is cut in small pieces. That means that you can even eat the burdock as you drink your tea. If you prefer not to, you can enjoy the burdock later in your miso soup or as a rice topping, kind of like how you would repurpose used Japanese tea leaves.

    Product Info

    • Name: Burdock Root Tea from Miyazaki (Goboucha) 
    • Japanese name: 宮崎県産のごぼう茶
    • Ingredients: Burdock root (Gobou) 
    • Region: Miyazaki Prefecture

    Steeping Notes 

    • Recommended: Put 1 teaspoon full of burdock tea into a mug cup and pour hot water into the mug. Enjoy the tea as well as the burdock (its deeply roasted and so is edible).
    • For a Family: Put 1 teaspoon full of burdock tea in a teapot, pour 300 cc (10.2 fl oz) of hot water into the pot. Wait for 3 minutes and the tea is ready!

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